Technology Product for Seniors to protect against Covid-19

How to take care of your mom or dad remotely during this Covid-19 Pandemic


Many Seniors 75+ find tablets and smart phones difficult to use. was created for such seniors to easily, cost effectively and at any time connect to family and friends through their existing television.

What is Sirona.TV? is an Apple TV like set top box which connects through to your TV using an HDMI cable. using the TV provides health, safety and social connectivity features to its users.

Types of


Sirona-Connect provides seniors ability to do video chats, phone calls, share family pictures and be checkup by their health care providers using video calls.


Sirona-health in addition to services provided by Sirona-Connect enables seniors to measure vitals such as Blood pressure, Oxygen and Weight. Additionally temperature and glucose can also be collected and monitored.

Features of Sirona.TV – Connect provides many features found on tablets and smart phones for seniors and some features found on Amazon’s Alexa but tailored for the elderly population:

Sirona – Health companion

Sirona the health companion is alike Amazon’s Alexa provides seniors company. Sirona can for example play music, check the time, check weather or set reminders.

Phone Calls

User can make calls to any phone number which is in the users contact directory.

Video Calls

Family and friends can make a call using either a desktop or a free family app.

Medication Reminder

Family can set medication reminders which show up on the senior’s TV providing details of the medication to be taken.

Family Album

Family can share pictures and family albums with their senior loved ones.

Health Videos

Although YouTube and Internet has millions of choices, helps filters and display only the videos which are relevant to the elderly person to whom the belong to.


Games are a great way to keeps seniors busy, stimulated and active. comes with simple to play games seniors use their remote control to play.


As we age, we sometimes, we forget names and certainly numbers. maintains your contacts on your TV and using a remote control you can on their phone.


Easily check the weather by using your remote control or ask Sirona for how is the weather.

FEATURES OF SIRONA.TV - health provides many remote healthcare features found in advanced healthcare platform:

Telehealth and Remote patient MONITORING

Seniors are remotely examined by healthcare providers through their TV. Seniors easily collect vitals using wireless BP monitor, Oximeter & Weight scale. Sirona-health also supports wireless Thermometer and Glucose meter.

Requirements for

A WiFi, Power adapter and a Credit Card or a Bank account information for monthly fees are the only 3 requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the costs?

    Cost of product is $199. If you register now with us it is $149. If you pre-buy now (to be available May 1) it is $129.

  • There is a monthly fee of $14.95 which includes: Phone and video calling, Lifetime support, lifetime warranty and lifetime upgrade of software.

  • Monthly fees cover lifetime warranty of all components including free replacement of perishables, lifetime customer service support, and free upgrades to new software and services.

  • A WiFi, Power adapter and a Credit Card or a Bank account information for monthly fees

  • Families us a free Android or iOS family App.

  • works with all TVs with an HDMI connector. A remote control is provided with the kit and out of the box works with Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick remotes. We also support many of Sony, LG, and Samsung TV remotes.