Digital Signage

Digital Signage For Seniors And Community Living.

Enchant residents with a visual, digital masterpiece that instantly upgrades your common spaces, elevator lobbies, dining rooms, employee lounges, and more!

Our digital signage technology boasts endless technical and design capabilities. 

Sirona. tv Digital Signs display high-quality content on TV monitors anywhere in your community – just connect to the TV. With individually addressable and cloud-managed digital signage, the only thing between you and getting information to community members is a few clicks.

Enter information, click on the locations you want your information to display, choose a modern layout and send.

Our Digital Signage Features

Two types of Digital Signage are Supported

Non-touch comes in two options. One in which the device is connected to an existing TV or second in which the is built into the TV.

Non- Touch

Non-Touch Signage can be programmed to automatically transition through different screens or can display one screen.


Touch enables the user to navigate the different screens using the touch.