In Room TV comparison: Connected Living vs Touch Town vs

Feature Connected Living Touch Down
Underlying technology
Apple TV
Data Connectivity
Wi-Fi/ Ethernet
Voice companion
Sirona – like Alexa
User Interface to Residents
View Only
Resident Infotainment
Live streaming
Stream movies
YouTube selected Content
Infotainment for Seniors
Resident Communication and Engagement
Broadcast message to residents
Notification to residents
Alexa like Voice Companion
Resident Information – Activities, Dinning, Announcements
Health Safety
Table Header
Panic Alert Wristband (extra)
Ask Alexa/Sirona for help

Sirona Bed Side Assistant
Remote control based Alert (included)
eRound – Automatic check wellbeing of residents
Medication Reminder
Senior specific health video
Family and Friends Connectivity
Table Header
With family video call
Video calls to other residents
Family Album
Two-way interaction, general facility based
Streaming, one way streaming


Two-way with video call, voice companion and resident specific.

$210 + monthly
Not known
$169 + $14.99/month

Comparison: Temi vs

Feature Temi in Room & Sirona Health Cart
Temi is integrated with IntelliH, a Cloud based secure HIPAA compliant architecture that extends the perimeter of the hospital to where the patient lives. works with HIPAA compliant FHIR EMR based end-to-end health care solution
Product Pictures In Room
Sirona Health Cart
Family Video Calls
Yes, only Incoming
Yes – both two-way incoming and outgoing calls
Resident-to-Resident Video call
Doctor Calls
No coordination required, doctor can call anytime.
Medication Reminders
Room Visits
No is placed in each residents table or attached to the wall so room visits are not required.
Musical Tour provide extensive library of video and audio content
Greet Mode Digital Signage touch and standalone, provides information to visitors.
Family Mode
Yes, family and friends mode. Includes family album, video calls to family and other residents with
Game Mode
Yes. has 10 in room games includes Ticktacktoe, Tetris, Memory, Snake, Tower of Hanoi Sirona InTouch station including Driving, Flying, Jigsaw, Burst bubbles and drawing.
Messenger Mode
Using facilities can send message to one, few or all residents.
Voice Mode
Yes, Using Alexa
Yes, Sirona has a voice mode and is built using Google technologies.
Patrol Mode is installed in each room so roaming is not required
Medication Reminders
Vitals Monitoring
Senior infotainment Content
Yes, 1000s of hours of content tailored for seniors.

Comparison: IN2L Resident Engagement vs Intouch Play

Feature IN2L Resident Engagemen Intouch Play
Touch Screen
Product Picture

Supported TV Size
23” (with flex cart) 55”, 75”
32”, 43”, 55”, 65”
Ticktacktoe, Tetris, Memory, Snake, Tower of Hanoi Sirona InTouch station including Driving, Flying, Jigsaw, Burst bubbles and drawing and other

Game categories:

brain games, word games, memory games, educational, interactive and casino games.

Example games:

Arrange Letters, Word Search, Letter2Words, Word Finder, Word search, Ticktacktoe, Tetris, Memory, Snake, Tower of Hanoi, Driving Simulator, Flying, Jigsaw, burst bubbles, Pacman, Mine Sweeper and Drawing, Pond, Aquarium, Connect Lights, Parking Puzzle, Keno, Baccarat
Senior Content
Yes – huge content library
300, 000 You Tube videos curated for seniors. Content Licensed from Curiosity Stream, One day U, Spiro 100.
Content Updated
YouTube Fresh – Fresh regularly updated content from You Tube such as Breaking News, Trending News and other videos
Updated Daily

23” (with flex cart): $7,180.99

IN2L 55”: $8,435.99

IN2L 75”: $12,232.99

Monthly: $295
IN Touch Play

32”: $ 2275.

43”: $ 2995.

55”: $ 4495.

65”: $ 5595.

Monthly $199