Multimode Telehealth Delivery Options Multimode Telehealth Delivery Options

Senior Living communities are experiencing a staff shortage across the board, especially the clinical staff. Sirona. tv provides multi-mode healthcare delivery solutions which greatly improve healthcare delivery efficiency. Our telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions work together so you can use one, more, or all. The healthcare records are maintained in industry-standard EMR based on FHIR technology and can also be pushed to your existing Point Click Care or Matrix Care.

Telehealth Add On to

Telehealth mobile nursing station

Telehealth Kiosk

Play Video Telehealth solutions compared.​

How are the 3 solutions the same?

All the 3 solutions are based on the common telehealth technology. Each supports features such as:

1. Virtual Video Visit

2. Vital Collections

3. Medication Management

4. Integrated with FHIR EMR

5. Support advanced examinations – Otoscope, Stethoscope

How are the 3 solutions different?

Self-help care in resident’s room Nurse delivered care in resident’s room Self-help healthcare in clinic

InRoom TV Telehealth health cart. health kiosk.
Product Name Telehealth Add on to Telehealth mobile nursing station Telehealth Kiosk

Typical Use
Self-help or nurse-assisted use with In-Room TV in Resident’s room.
Nurses move around the mobile nursing stations along to each resident room.
Self-help and staff assisted installed in a designated area within a community.

Deliver healthcare in many ways – in the room, clinical staff-driven, and self-help.