Health Kiosk

The Health Kiosk is a self-help, portable, easy to setup and use HIPAA compliant telehealth kiosk for residents of senior living communities. Residents can use the Health Kiosk on an ad-hoc basis to collect and monitor their vitals or can schedule a telehealth visit with their Primary Care Physicians (PCP) or your care team.

How does Health Kiosk Work?

A resident uses their ID to enter the Health Kiosk. As they enter the kiosk a notification message is sent to their registered care provider.

Residents regularly collect their vitals (blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, weight, glucose etc.). And if vitals cross a threshold resident’s care givers are alerted – so you always know when your resident’s health deteriorates.

Telehealth & Examination

When the care provider receives notification of the resident arrival, the provider can send the patient a pre-visit questionnaire for resident to complete. This gives them an insight to resident’s condition and needs.

Care provider can also send easy-to-follow instructions for the residents to collect their vitals.

Care provider uses the Health Kiosk’s web Interface to make video visits to the resident present in the kiosk.

Physicians can also perform advanced physical examination such an ENT using a camera and heart and lungs using the telehealth stethoscope.

Features, Options and benefits