SironaCare Health kit is designed to be used by 1 person. kiosk is a multiuse setup for multiple users designed for a commercial environment. works with any TV with an HDMI. provides advanced features with TVs which support the CEC protocol. These features including turning ON the TV or switching to input when an incoming message of a telehealth call comes in. requires a Wi-Fi or Ethernet at home. with built in 4G LTE adapter does not require a Wi-Fi.

For sent by your caring healthcare provider: Setting up is like setting up Apple TV – you need to connect to your home Wi-Fi or Internet using the ethernet cable. integrated with 4G LTE module does not require any configuration.

Yes. Shut down the by going to the System under the Setting Icon. Turn ON in your destination and connect it to the local Wi-Fi network.

The way hotel, airport and convention centers Wi-Fi networks are setup – they require security acceptance or other steps, cannot perform. Hence cannot be setup with a hotel, airport or convention center like Wi-Fi networks.

Your loved one uses a remote control to view family pictures, call people in their contact list and view YouTube videos on their TV.

Sirona can answer questions about your health, weather, time, appointments. Sirona list of questions it answers is always increasing.

Yes, you can register to get notification if your loved one skips their medication.

A video is coming up shortly to show how family members can add medication reminders.

How to Add Pictures & Videos to the Family Album –

Support is available through multiple means:

  1. Website –
  2. Skype:
  3. Email:

i. Response time is less than 4 hours during office hours.